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Hi, I write just to let other people be aware before they are going to buy something. I bought Isadora Primer, Isadora Cover-up foundation/concealer and water proof gel eyebrows in Debenhams IBN Mall (28 April 2017).

Then, I realized i dont need the primer so I called Alshaya Customer Service, I spoke to Ms. Dana (1st March 2017) and asked her if I can have my item replace in Mall of the Emirates. She said yes Madam you can have it exchange at any of our branch, they will give you a voucher card which you can purchase at any of our store. I ended up the call with a big thank you.

Though it is mentioned also in the receipt. So then I went to Debenhams MOE because my house is a walking distance only from my house. I approached one of the cashier from the second floor and told if I could exchange the primer I bought yesterday and she said go to 3rd floor. So, I went....unfortunately they did not allow me to replace my Item and instead they want me to go back to IBN which is a big hassle for me.

It was replace but.... It took a lot of effort. I am definitely not coming back to that store. They treat me like that maybe because I look poor...

though I am really poor..

But I save to buy things on my own. The percentage of poor, medium poor to rich people are higher and if you guys are not taking care of people like us then good luck.

Product or Service Mentioned: Debenhams Customer Care.

Reason of review: Return, Exchange or Cancellation Policy.




Am Dr Rakesh one our your customer at H&M store at Al Makan Mall hafar al batin . This was my third visit today that is on 19/07/ 2017 .

I visited the store for an exchange of my previous purchase and I met a person named "HAZAA" I think a saudi national at the payment counter .. The conversation was

Hazaa - " what you are coming everyday for an exchange ? " ( disrepectfull )

Me - I have come here first time for exchange previously I just bought stuff from your store

Hazaa - " I have seen you everyday coming here for exchange " ( in a rude manner )

Me -" I just confirmed him with my words saying - I never came for exchange before. And I have been buying stuff since past three days everytime I come here based on the requirements.

Later one guy interfered and tried to settle it down saying he was just joking .. And I don't think it's any of his business unless I create some trouble in the store. This kind of behaviour is unacceptable I don't understand why this kind of attitude people are hired by your store.. next time even if I want to buy anything I will not visit the store as I don't want to see that person's face again in my life..

please make sure your stores have pleasantly behaving people.. so that you make business ..

business is not done by putting prices but by having a friendly set of customers relationship people. Thank you

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